La esencia de las cocinas Bulthaup

The essence of Bulthaup Kitchens



It's clear that given the unquestionable quality of our Luxury Villas on the Costa Blanca, each any every space has to have meet the highest of standards possible. Our job is to give shape to the home of your dreams. And, we are here to improve your quality of life. If you still aren't clear about why are homes are considered luxury, amongst many things, beautiful Bulthaup kitchens standard out as pure luxury due to the excellent relationship between Villas de Lujo and Pepe Cabrera. Here you can get to know a little more about them.

It's undeniable that for many people, when it comes to shaping their home in general and in particular their kitchen, they prefer open and airy spaces. When we talk about Bulthaup we are talking about one of the most outstanding names in the field of kitchen design. It all started when, in 1949, Martin Bulthaup founded a furniture factory. Its revolutionary assembly system and its unusual design marked a milestone in the world of furniture. Years later, his children took over the company promoting timeless designs, responsible for the reputation which the brand enjoys today.

Bulthaup kitchens

Basically, it consists of three lines: B1, B2 and B3. The B1 line is the simplest of the collection. This series has fewer finishes and fewer modulations. The B3 series is the most extensive system of all. It allows more customization and is more flexible to combine modules in our Luxury Villas; as you can see in our Villa Oceana. In this system the furniture is suspended by means of the so-called "functional walls", some steel bars and beams to hang furniture to the wall without it suffering.

Another feature of this line of kitchens is the possibility of embedding television screens in the doors of the cabinets.

When designing, the people in charge of Bulthaup kitchens study how the person would move in their kitchen, how the work with the elements, the distances remain between the focal points such as the refrigerator, the vitro fire and sink, etc. To achieve a comfortable kitchen, as well as being ergonomic and functional.

In short, the Bulthaup philosophy continues to be manufacturing timeless furniture, which never becomes obsolete. Introducing new features without breaking the essence. One of the latest is the new "Soft-touch", an ultra-matte finish with a velvety feel. We'll talk about him in another post.

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