Why use Hyperbaric Chambers?

Why use Hyperbaric Chambers?



One of the things that has probably caught your attention in our luxury homes in Javea, apart from the spectacular pools and quality of the materials used, is that many of them have a private gym. And not only that, but some of them are equipped with the latest OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chambers. Keep on reading if you would like to find out more?

These chambers have many different functions. Not only medicinal but beauty and wellbeing. They have been tried and tested with wonderful results in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses, they are also used for decompression suffered when diving. The hyperbaric chamber Vitaeris 320®, which has been installed in some of our homes, also improves the appearance of skin. Can you imagine this without having to go to a beautician? Well all is possible if you were to purchase one of our Luxury Villas

How does it work?

A hyperbaric chamber is a cabin capable of withstanding high pressures of up to 6 times the atmospheric pressure. They can be single or multi seaters. Inside you breathe pure oxygen at pressures above normal. You have probably heard on more than one occasion, the more pressure the body supports, the more oxygen will dissolve in your blood. A normal treatment in a hyperbaric chamber can be around 2 or 3 ATA (Absolute Atmospheres), although it can get up to around 6.

Oxygen to treat sports injuries

In a nutshell, these cameras are based on oxygen therapy benefits. A technique widely used by elite athletes. When a traumatic injury occurs, tissue damage and swelling hinders the normal flow of oxygen to the area. In hyperbaric chambers, this lack of oxygen is alleviated. In other words, hyperbaric oxygenation is used to accelerate post-workout recovery and to treat certain injuries. Because, amongst other things, it helps the recovery of the cardiovascular system increasing physical potential and the athlete's abilities.

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