Live next to the Mediterranean

Live next to the Mediterranean



To live in one of our luxury homes in Javea means you can enjoy an enviable quality of life: An ideal sized and tranquil town for comfortable day to day living and a wide option of cultural and leisure based activities for the weekends.

But, the real question is: why will living next to the Mediterranean improve your health? First of all, the area's enjoyable climate. You must have heard about how the famous Mediterranean climate plays an important role in the general wellbeing of its inhabitants. Living there allows you to enjoy the outdoors, with far more days of sunshine than other areas of Northern Europe. Living in one of our Luxury Villas here at Villas de Lujo allows you to enjoy practicing one of the most beneficial sports that exists: Swimming. Either in one of the area's Mediterranean coves or one of our luxury interior or exterior swimming pools, important features in the homes we build for you and your family.

This sort of lifestyle where wellbeing is everything, wouldn't be complete without the famous Mediterranean diet. Living in Javea allows you to enjoy exquisite rice and premium quality virgin olive oil. Easily accessible fruits and vegetables grown in the Valencian region is one of the greatest luxuries we have in the area.

From a physical point of view, living close to the sea is beneficial for your joints. Long beach walks are one of the best and most therapeutic physical activities. Many studies have shown that living close to the sea helps us to experience a deeper state of relaxation. Also, the sea directly influences our respiratory tract. To breathe the Mediterranean breeze from one of our villas can significantly improve the wellbeing of patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

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