These holidays, food will be your luxury

These holidays, food will be your luxury



Xmas is all about excess and treating ourselves. Sharing with friends and family moments around the table full of luxurious food which appeal to even the most select of palates. A Xmas feast in one of our luxury homes in Javea requires a menu of the same standard as our homes. Let’s have a look at a few premium ideas.

Surely the first thing that comes to mind are caviar, sea bream, lobster or a good beef sirloin. Apart from these jewels of gastronomy there are others that we can’t forget. Their scarcity or the complexity of their capture increases the price of these foods and makes them real delicacies. But not of gods, but of the families that own our Luxury Villas.

We can start the menu with some exquisite eels. These baby eels are only legal to catch in some parts of the year. There are many ways that a chef can prepare them as various local chefs specialize in this genre.

What can we say about white truffle? This is known as the black diamond and the ideal complement for any of your festive meals. It appears in the wild, especially in the center of the peninsula. Its high culinary value means that various Michelin star restaurants incorporate these products on their menus. This price this Xmas arrive at 1.800 euros per kilo. But, the sensations in your palate are absolutely spectacular...

Beluga caviar is one of the best and most expensive caviars in the world. The beluga is a species that inhabits the Caspian Sea and is known for its subtle buttery flavor and slightly salty touch. In a year usually only 100 are caught. Hence its value. Then we have the sea bream, another of the stars of Christmas. It is a blue fish with a large amount of omega 3 acids. Its capture is common in the European Atlantic coast and in the western Mediterranean Sea. Today in Spain fishing is mainly in the Strait of Gibraltar and on the base in the Bay of Biscay there has been almost a disappearance, although little by little it begins to recover. What do you think about our proposals?

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